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Easy to use! This program is designed to be used by regular people - yet the outcome is quite
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14 April 2008

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In earlier times, whenever we talked of calendars it just suggested discussing a boring hard paper made piece of datebook that is consulted only at the time of need, else is dumped in some corner. Nowadays, calendars have totally got a new meaning with vibrant graphics, colorful imagery and jazzed up interface along with the option of mobile digitized calendars and even the choice is available for creating your very own customized calendars through the elaborate software and computer application available, and creating the most stunning looking and vibrant calendars for personal usage or even make it a valuable gift item for a friend. Calendar Builder Program 2.0 is an application that enables the user to create such calendars and make it as jazzy as desired.

Calendar Builder Program 2.0 opens with an intuitive interface with the main options located at the top pane. On the left panel are the options placed for inserting the commands for creating the calendar and on the right, pictures and graphics can be inserted. The software is simple to use and easy to navigate, designed to be used by regular people without requiring much technical knowhow. The created calendars can be printed too for usage or gifting purposes and with the assistance of the software the outcome can be quite striking and spectacular. The software contains a preview function which facilitates checking of the calendar before finalizing it. Also, it supports a number of languages like English, Italian, Spanish and German and the resultant calendars can also be exported to image files and can be printed on various modes too.

To conclude, Calendar Builder Program earns rich stature for its vibrancy and multifarious application that is immensely user friendly in its approach and hence it gets a rating score of four points for its stellar performance.

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CALENDAR Software - Calendar Builder software program - print your own custom calendars. Easy to use! This program is designed to be used by regular people - yet the outcome is quite spectacular! Choose a style that suits you. Add Graphics. Add your own graphics and clipart. Choose Fonts. Use any font, color, and header style desired.
Calendar Builder Program
Calendar Builder Program
Version 2.0
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